About Us

Acquisition of EU funded projects in agricultural field of activity: transfer/partnerhip of projects with EU grants approved, contracts for suppliers, ready to start.

Consultancy for obtaining EU funds for agricultural activities: tailoring projects with EU funding in agriculture.

Consultancy and due diligence for acquisition of agricultural land: Romania is one of the EU states where owning land, both as a foreign private person or foreign company is still easy. Among our combined expertise we have a pool of good quality agricultural land for sale with due diligence processes already done, in various parts of the country. The land could be used directly or in conjunction with other projects in agricultural field.

Renewable energy: Consultancy for buying photovoltaic, biogas or wind parks already developed (in ready to build stage) as well as consultancy for development of photovoltaic parks or biogas plants from green field.

Asset management, asset capitalization and asset sales: Being present on the market in consultancy and other related businesses, we have access to a number of viable assets for sale in various fields of activity.

We are aiming for niche businesses, companies having a competitive or unique advantage(s), all of them meeting the basic criteria for transfer, M&A or partnership.

Our aim is to consult both the developers and the investors using the shortest time, providing the relevant data immediately and bringing the deal to a sure and quick closure by putting the parties together as soon as possible.

Our team is young, we are focused on solutions not issues, we are flexible, client oriented and we understand that having a smaller but less costly and more efficient organization will help both the clients and us.